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Code Samples

Some of this is on Github, some on my own server. Examples of code include PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, and Python.

Python / Django
From Web site for Channel Islands Mensa (Django framework)
articles.models module from Web site for Channel Islands Mensa group, in Ventura County, California; repository at https://github.com/arithmophile/cimensa
Decimal calculator in Python (Django framework)
Decimal calculator written in Python within the Django framework
User-selected Style Sheet
Select a style sheet from the dropdown menu, and the content layout will be changed to reflect it. Developed as an employment application assignment for the Institute for Creation Research.
Fraction Calculator
Geek toy. Any calculator can tell you that 1/7 = 0.1428571... Not many will show you exactly what the full decimal expansion looks like so that, for instance, you can see the beginnings of the Fibonacci series in reverse at the end of 1/109.
Fraction Calculator
Very similar to the calculator above, except done in JavaScript.