Programming. For these sites, I was the programmer, or part of a team of programmers.
Roadtrip Nation.

My work on the Roadtrip Nation Web site primarily involved developing Student Community pages, such as directly accessible through links on the home page. This entailed both front-end and back-end coding, as well as creating and modifying database tables and stored procedures to drive the pages. My responsibilities did not include graphic design.

To the left is one of the pages I worked on.

Specific features I developed included Map&Stats (Google Maps API), Photos (custom photo gallery using JavaScript), Facebook & Twitter share buttons, and Rate This Roadtrip (AJAX), which can all be seen in the right column of this page.

National College of Natural Medicine. I contributed to the development of the National College of Natural Medicine site as a contractor for the company Watermelon Web Works. One of the pages I developed was the Find a Practitioner form (http://www.ncnm.edu/quicklinks/find-a-practitioner.php). Watermelon Web Works makes extensive use of open source CMS WebsiteBaker, and most of the PHP coding was done using "code" pages and also "droplets" within the CMS.

Natural Skin Care For Men. One of a set of sites I worked on for the company Watermelon Web Works. (The others were www.naturalbeautygroup.com and www.truelynatural.com.) These sites all share a single database and use the osCommerce shopping cart code, as well as a custom CMS.


This site is designed to promote the beverage XanGo and to inform prospects of the associated business opportunity. As a tool to aid in building the business, each member receives a customizable Web site that is a subdomain of gomangosteen.com.

The gomangosteen.com domain uses a DNS wildcard to allow subdomains based on site names found in the GoMangosteen member table. It has a Member's Area and also an Administration Area, which are used for various aspects of site maintenance, including member management, site page management,| and billing.

I coded this using PHP and MySQL.

Kara McGhee`s Art. Kara McGhee is an artist in Battle Ground, WA who paints murals and fine art, and she wanted a site she could use to showcase her work. Moreover, she wanted to be able to upload images of her paintings as she completed them and to add descriptions; however, she had no interest in directly interacting with the HTML code.
My solution was to provide her with a password-protected tool that would allow her to add categories and subcategories for her fine art and mural paintings and to upload images into them for display.

HSAConnect. HSAConnect.com provides information for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and the Health Insurance plans associated with them. The site was originally designed using tables for positioning.  I recoded the site to use an external stylesheet for positioning and tables for the display of tabular data.

Programming and Graphic Design. Examples of my work. In each case, I used Photoshop to create the graphic design; I wrote the code (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS) using vi within a Linux shell environment; and I designed and created the relevant databases using the MySQL command line
Channel Islands Mensa.

Here is a site I mainly did "just for fun." Although a member of the Channel Islands Mensa group at the time, I had no responsibility for the group's Web presence: I simply thought theirs appeared to be suffering from neglect and that I could provide better. Unfortunately, I never succeeded in connecting with the gentleman who was responsible, so this site never saw the light of day.

Like many of the sites I worked on, this was designed with a content management system I had built (PHP, MySQL) back before I was aware that the wheel had already been invented.

San Luis Obispo SDA Church.

This is the design and semi-functional model of the Web site I developed for the San Luis Obispo Seventh-day Adventist Church sometime around 2005 or 2006. The client had emailed me because he was favorably impressed by another site I had done. His request was for a design that was "a little edgy, clean, and useful." This is what I delivered.

I designed this Web site to allow the client to manage the content, and I used a management system I had previously programmed. (Yes, better CMSs were probably available. I did not know this at the time.) Thus, the data on this site is modifiable through an administrative interface to which the client had access.

Note that, although I am a developer primarily, I did the graphic design, the database design, and the PHP programming for this site.

Camarillo Seventh-day Adventist Church. Coding and design. Languages: JavaScript, PHP.

Creation Science Association of Ventura County. Volunteer project for the Creation Science Association of Ventura County; PHP, MySQL.

GoFigure. I have an interest in numbers and wrote this for amusement and to play around a bit with some front-end technologies.

Archived. These are sites I worked on a number of years ago.
YoungCosmos Blog and Forum. This site uses WordPress for the blog and phpBB for the forum. I installed and configured the software and designed and incorporated the graphical headers at the request of Salvador Cordova, who wanted to establish an area for discussing evidence concerning a young universe.

AMCAL Housing. AMCAL has been developing quality housing in California since 1978. I converted this Web site from static HTML to a database-driven site, using PHP and MySQL. The site has a Web-based administrative tool that allows the update of various content: housing developments, testimonials, references, press releases, etc.

G. W. Little. Online product catalog for small dog lovers. A primary purpose of G.W. Little's site is to showcase the products and allow customers to make purchases online. The site also permits visitors to join a "Pet Fashion Club," which, for an annual fee, offers savings on selected items within the catalog. The site includes an administrative tool that allows G.W. Little to maintain their catalog, set up discount coupons, download customer lists, and perform other functions related to their Web site.

NKS Motorsports. Online product catalog for motocross bikers. This is an e-commerce site that uses Verisign Payflow to perform real-time credit card transactions. An administrative tool allows NKS Motorsports to perform catalog maintenance and to keep track of orders.

Duplitron. Database-driven Web site written in ASP; uses MS SQL database.

Natrol. The product catalog on this site is database-driven. The client maintains the catalog using an administrative Web interface that I custom developed for them. PHP, MySQL

MySimpleForex. This site is designed to provide information about a business opportunity having to do with investing in the Forex market. Prospects are given an overview of Forex trading and invited to consider the investment product offered by a separate company called FreedomRocks.  As an aid to building their business, prospects are invited to set up their own Web site within the mysimpleforex.com domain, for a monthly fee.

This site uses password-protected Administration and Member's Areas, which provide content management, member management, and billing capabilities.

I implemented the functionality of this site using PHP and MySQL.